Gold Jewelry and Fine Timepieces

How can I keep my jewels looking as clean as when I bought them?

a. The best way to clean your baubles at home is with authentic jewelry cleaner. The chemicals in the mixture are specifically prepared for gold and platinum metals. They will not stripe at all.

a. Truly best way to keep jewelry looking brand new is to get them professionally cleaned from your local jeweler. There are two advantages to this bi monthly commitment…your jewelry will always look sparkling new and most importantly your stones will be checked for tightness!

Is it important to keep your mechanical watch on a watch winder?

a. Keeping a mechanical watch winding is highly recommend! This will ensure the gears are kept lubricated, in return keeping your timepiece out of the repair department.

My jeweler tells me to bring my timepiece in once every three years for an overhaul, is this really necessary?

a. Over time the oils in the gears dry up, these oils need to replenished in order to keep the watch performing. In addition, parts of the timepiece can become worn and need to be replaced.

How can I give my old treasures a new look?

a. Revamping your aged jewelry can be as simple as a quick cleaning. Over time, gold wears down leaving a dull finish, a little bit of polish brings the metal back to life. Let’s say you have many pieces of yellow gold jewelry and would like to have a few of the pieces in white gold? Rhodium is your answer!! In less then 20 minutes you can wear your virtually new pieces of jewelry! It is remarkable how beautiful the process works; just remember the whitening rhodium wears down in about 6 months.